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What do you think when you would like to write an article for your blog or website? Of course, you are excited about your new blog or website. You may think that writing an article is not an easy task. You may think about how to write an article and people connect with your content. Definitely not, it’s easier than you think. As a matter of fact, it is simple. You need to have something unique to say and keep it simple. You need not be an expert writer. You just need to have a basic knowledge of your topic. If you are looking seriously to improve your writing skills, go through these articles writing tips from the experts. Then you have a lot of creative flexibility in writing the articles.

What is an article in terms of writing?

The article is instructional content where readers view the details on how to do something, such as installing software, designing a webpage, preparing food, teaching a subject, etc. It is a compilation of sentences. As the world becoming digital, writing articles is more vital than ever. Great articles always build credibility.

Proven Tips from Experts to Write an Article

These are some key points and tips you need to keep in your mind when you write an article:

  • An article is not created, but it is assembled group of sentences together.
  • When you read content, read timeless content.
  • You may read books, blog posts, articles and note some key points.
  • You write better articles when you read better.
  • Writing is just like cooking. The better the ingredients you use (what you read from the sources) the better will be the output (what you write in an article).
  • Do not include junk information; only include unique and relevant information.
  • Get rid of unnecessary words. Use some transition words where necessary.
  • Read others’ articles & blog posts and re-write them your own.
  • Learn to be good at taking notes from the sources (from books, blog posts, social media posts etc.)
  • Combine whatever you read with your own experience, knowledge and learning.
  • Things you should keep in the notes to write an article are: Ideas, Inspiration, and Things those are hard to find in the future.
  • Practice writing constantly, because it is a skill that makes you perfect writer.
  • Write in small sentences. Write around 200 words at a time. Later, you make the outline of the article.
  • Use necessary headings, sub-headings, images, videos, bullets, number lists, and info graphics.
  • Make the article with small paragraphs and user-friendly.
  • Likewise, use transition words to create unity and connect your ideas.
  • Give unique examples from your own research.
  • You can use quotes in the article as well.

SEO Tips for Writing an Article:

  • Find a niche topic that matches your business or service.
  • Do keyword research and find suitable keywords.
  • Utilize those keywords throughout the article where necessary.
  • Maintain keyword density between 2 to 4 percent for a good article writing practice.
  • Publish long content. It is better to maintain the length of the content at least 1000 words.
  • In order to load faster, optimize images.
  • Add internal links in body of the article, it reduces bounce rate.
  • Optimize URL. Permalinks should look like the post title.
  • Increase Click through Rate in Search Engine Results Page.
  • Share the article on social media to increase the reach.

The Structure of an Article

1. Make an Attractive Headline to Write an Article

  • A headline is a set of words at the head of an article/ blog post to introduce. It is usually large in font size and gives the gist of the article that follows.
  • It is extremely important to write a catchy headline. This brings the reader/ visitor into view an article.
  • To write an article effectively, you should be clear and build curiosity.
  • A headline should be deliberately written to catch readers’ eye and get that reader interested in reading whatever follows the headline.
  • You may use a headline generator tool to generate adequate headlines.
  • Popular headline generator tools to write an article (portent content idea generator, CoSchedule, Hoth, Hubspot etc.)

2. Introduction to Write an Article

How to write an article for a blog

Writing a clear and brief introduction is necessary to hook the visitor to read the entire article. Do not repeat the title when writing an introduction to the article. Your audience connects with your content (article) when you write an article with a fair introduction. It is important to pull the reader/ visitor into the article by addressing them right away.

Here are a few things to keep in mind whenever you write an article:

  • Start introduction with questioning/ inquiry.
  • Start addressing your audience (use the word: you) in the introduction. Otherwise ask a direct question to your audience to make them a part of the article.
  • Add an overview of the article and outline.
  • You should mention who this article is for.
  • Promise something the visitor/ reader wants.

3. Body of the Article

The body of your article is the bulk of your writing. Most importantly, keep your purpose in mind while you write an article. It should be relevant to the promise you made in the introduction. Pull out your writing skills to make the article engaging. You have to dig in deep and explore the topic.

Conclusion for Writing an Article

How to write an article

When you write an article, the conclusion has an important role. It may not be as depth as the introduction. Consider mirroring your hook as used in the introduction. Summarize what you wrote in the article. Give the reader the next action steps like further reading and encourage them to leave a comment when writing an article.

Furthermore, your article should prompt visitors to follow, share, and read again. In order to things happen, check your article for grammatical errors, punctuation marks, sentence structure, and spellings carefully. This is an essential aspect of article writing. This helps your article to reach more audiences. As a result, your website or blog gets more organic traffic easily. This supports the growth of your business or any other service. Finally, publish the article. You may refer to the article on effective marketing strategy for a better understanding of writing.